Speed Shore Corporation, the originator of aluminum hydraulic trench shoring, is recognized worldwide as the industry leader. For more than five decades, Speed Shore has remained in the forefront with the most advanced line of trench shoring equipment available.

Whatever the Application, Speed Shore has the System

Speed Shore has developed an extensive line of standard and heavy duty vertical shores, waler systems, shoring shields, skeleton boxes and four-way manhole braces; all hydraulically actuated.  Applications extend from simple vertical shoring to complex custom systems for your site-specific trench shoring needs.

Protecting Your Personnel and Profits

Designed to increase productivity while insuring worker safety, Speed Shore products offer significant advantages over traditional shoring methods:

  • 100% above ground installation and removal
  • Increased job efficiency, production and profit
  • Hydraulic preload of trench walls to prevent ground movement
  • Reduction in size of the shoring crew
  • Lower insurance costs

And every Speed Shore System meets or exceeds OSHA requirements for safe trenching practices.

Shoring the World

A domestic and international network of distributors provides customers with product support and technical assistance around the world. This vast network keeps the company abreast of new shoring developments and requirements whenever, and wherever, they occur.

A Commitment to Progress

Speed Shore remains on the cutting edge by listening and responding to our customer’s needs. Our staff of shoring specialists and professional engineers strives for continual product improvement and new product innovations, thus assuring our customers of the most efficient and productive systems available.

In addition, Speed Shore and its distributor network continue to support the industry and out products through comprehensive trench-safety seminars and educational programs. You can rest assured that the Speed Shore team is always ready and willing to support your educational needs.

There’s one very important Speed Shore advantage to keep in mind…. Speed Shore experience. No matter the scale or complexity of your project, we’ve been there.

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